Top Paying Majors in College

It is good to do some research before choosing any line of education, especially, when it comes to doing a major. Majoring is specializing in a particular subject. The top paying majors in college range from technical lines to the arts faculty. The following table will give you some information on some of the most lucrative majors you can take up.

Discipline Average Starting Salary
Chemical Engineering USD 60,000
Electrical Engineering USD 55,000
Mechanical Engineering USD 55,000
Computer Science USD 55,000
Civil Engineering USD 50,000
Economics USD 50,000
Management Information Systems USD 50,000
Finance USD 45,000
Accounting USD 45,000
Business Administration/Management USD 40,000

Chemical Engineering: This is one of the highest paying degrees. Chemical engineering majors work in a variety of industries like the production departments of industries, health care sector, etc. They deal with chemicals which are used in the engineering fields. They are also into the designing sector of equipment and research and development of new products.

Electrical Engineering: Electrical engineering majors find work in various industries like the airlines or aircraft cockpit sections, ship control panels, automobile sectors, etc., and features in one of the top ten paying careers. They can also get into designing and developing electrical equipment like other engineers.

Mechanical Engineering: The next entry is again from the technical field, mechanical engineering. This degree provides the students a different edge and they can carve out their own niche, because unlike any other engineering course, this course enables the engineer to be enlightened about everything. It is one of the top paying majors and it proves to be very helpful when the engineer has to decide upon which particular field and engineering job he would like to choose.

Computer Science: Computer science is considered amongst the best majors for high paying entry-level jobs. Computer scientists are employed in every sector of the economy, but many choose to work in design or research. Information technology, being very popular now in every part of the world, computer science is one of the top paying college majors.

Civil Engineering: Ranging from constructing buildings, making roads, to designing layouts of the transportation systems, water drainage, sewage systems, etc., civil engineering proves to be a sensible choice for students. Students can choose from specialization subjects, like environmental, geotechnical, transportation, etc.

Economics: Economics is a subject that is required in each and every field. Economists mainly analyze data and design a system which is most money-efficient. An economist’s job profile mostly includes research or consulting. There is a large intake of economics majors in the government sector.

Management Information Systems: Management information systems degree holders have employment in all the sectors. Being a computer related line, it is one of the high paying majors.

Finance: Financial professionals, as the name suggests, deal with money, stocks, etc. Most finance majors are employed in the banking sector or in the finance departments of firms and other institutions, like the government, etc.

Accounting: Accountancy is one line where you can choose your career as you want, relaxed or hectic. That is to say that accounting majors can find employment with individuals as well as with business organizations or industries too. Chartered accountants are also hired by big companies for maintaining their accounts and data. There are a large number of accounting jobs in the government sector as well as in the public domain.

Business Administration / Management: Masters of Business Administration (management), needless to say, is more often than not a ‘full stop’, i.e., culmination to one’s education before going into the job market. Doing this course invariably increases your chance of employment in any sector.

Renowned universities that offer these courses are Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of California, University of Minnesota, Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Illinois, University of Chicago, Harvard University, University of Texas at Austin, University of Pennsylvania, Notre Dame, New York University, University of Virginia, etc.

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