Top Paying Jobs Without a Degree

In Control
Air Traffic Controller
The job of an air traffic controller is similar to that of a regular traffic controller. The only difference being that, air traffic controllers manage the traffic in the air, i.e., they make sure that arrivals and departures of aircraft are properly timed, and that they fly at a safe distance from each other. An air traffic controller, with an average salary of over $100,000 a year, is perhaps one of the highest paid professionals who does not require a college degree.
To become an air traffic controller, a person has to enroll for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) course and clear a test. After clearing that, one must undergo medical and security tests to get the job, and then undergo the required training.
Weddings & More
Event Planner
One of the best jobs without a degree, an event planner’s job involves planning, organizing, and conducting various events and functions, such as marriages, parties, business meetings, corporate events, etc. Event planning do not require a college degree, but training under an established event planner will help in on-the-job learning as well as in building contacts.
While there are quite a few institutes that train and teach event management, it is common knowledge that, unless you have the flair to think creatively, you cannot plan even a simple thing like a dinner. So, if you are good at planning and smoothly executing plans for events and occasions, this could be one of the best jobs and the right career path for you.
Crime Scene. Do Not Cross
Police Officer
A job which requires no degree but has a lot of respect, authority, and prestige attached to it is a police officer’s job. To get this job, a person has to undergo intensive training in areas such as law enforcement, arms training, etc., at the police academy, and clear psychological assessment tests. An extensive background check is performed, and those with records of traffic violation and criminal offenses are often rejected.
Write it out
A good command over language and a passion for writing, along with knowledge on numerous subjects, is all that is required to be a writer. A person can take up content writing or blogging on the Internet, freelance writing, resume writing, and business writing, as none of these jobs require a degree in English or writing.
For Sale
Real Estate Agent/Broker
To become a real estate agent, a person needs to first obtain a broker’s license. For this, he has to undergo a training and have some kind of experience in dealing with real estate projects for a year or more. Besides, one should also possess knowledge about the area where he will be working as well as some legal know-how. Definitely no requirement of a degree.
Heavy Maintenance
Elevator Installation and Repair
One high paying job with no degree is the installation and maintenance work of elevators. For getting into elevator installation and repair, you will require to undergo an intensive training program before you actually begin work. However, to attend the training program, you do not require a graduate degree. You can also get this job if you’ve worked as an apprentice for some company under the same job profile.
You can also work with escalators, forklifts, and other such equipment if you get this training.
Something Fishy
Supervising Detective
Being a detective may sound and look fancy and glamorous due to all the flashy movies. But it is equally demanding and sometimes even life-threatening. Although being a detective does require a college degree, supervising these detectives does not. That’s correct. What you need is considerable experience in any job in the same line of work. These officials must overlook the activities and duties that detectives carry out, and for that, they get paid pretty well too.
Commercial Pilot
You may not believe it, but being a commercial pilot doesn’t require a degree. Well, that makes sense, because no degree is going to equal the actual requirements that a commercial pilot has to fulfill. These include the mandatory possession of a valid flying license, a written test, a practical test, and a minimum of around 250 flying hours. Also, you have to be more than 18 years of age to become a commercial pilot.
Some other jobs that pay well, even without a degree are:

— Ship engineer
— Power plant distributor and dispatcher
— Radiation therapist
— Sales representative
— Nuclear technician
— First-line supervisor/manager of police and detective
— Computer technical support specialist
— Transportation manager
— Operations manager
— Funeral director
— Industrial production manager
— Storage and distribution manager
— Gaming manager
— Nuclear power reactor operator
— First-line, non-retail supervisors/manager
— First-line supervisor/manager of fire fighting and prevention worker
— Elevator installer and repairer
— Nuclear medicine technologist
— Dental hygienist
— Fashion designer
— Detective and criminal investigator
— Businessman
— Automobile Mechanic

Great jobs without a degree are not impossible to find. Just like any other job, these also require commitment, dedication, and the passion to work hard and strive for the best. Just because these jobs don’t require a degree, doesn’t mean that you’ll easily get one. Find out about the prospects and the future of these jobs before embarking on any particular career path. All the best!

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