Scholarships for High School Seniors Class of 2014

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Scholarships not only provide students with financial assistance, but also instill a sense of pride and achievement on winning one. And, when students get recognized for their achievements, they tend to pursue their goals with enthusiasm, and gradually, realize their true potential. Hence, in today’s competitive age, seizing and maximizing the right opportunity becomes extremely essential. This applies to the academic world too, and aspiring students should apply to various scholarships, as winning one might just prove life-changing.

Winning a scholarship improves a student’s chance to enter a reputed college, and it helps his/her university application get noticed among thousands of other applicants. Here are some popular scholarships for high school seniors for the current year.

AFA Teens for Alzheimer’s Awareness College Scholarship
Deadline to apply: February 15, 2014

AFA (Alzheimer’s Foundation of America) Teens is a national non-profit organization that raises awareness among teenagers and the general public about Alzheimer’s and related dementia by providing education, counseling, and support to young members. The AFA Teens also awards an annual USD 5,000 scholarship to a student who plans to enter an accredited four-year college program within 12 months of the scholarship deadline. The applicant has to submit an autobiography and write a 1,200 to 1,500 word essay that explains how Alzheimer’s affected or changed his/her life, and how it has helped him become a better person. The first and second runners-up will receive scholarships worth USD 2,500 and USD 1,000 respectively. Not only this, but 7 ‘Honorable Mentions’ will also be awarded with a scholarship of $500 each.

Google Lime Scholarship
Deadline to apply: January 6, 2014

Deserving students who suffer from a disability, but have a passion for computers, and plan to earn a degree in computer science and technology from an accredited university, will be awarded with a USD 10,000 scholarship for those studying in the US, and a CAD 5,000 for those studying in Canada (based on tuition costs) by Google. Winners will be invited to attend the annual Google Scholars’ Retreat at Googleplex in Mountain View, California and will also be considered for software engineering internship opportunities with Google. The winner will be adjudged based on the academic background of the candidate, and his/her achievements in the field of computers.

The Buick Achievers Scholarship
Deadline to apply: February 28, 2014

The Buick Achievers Scholarship Program is for US- and Puerto Rican-based high school seniors and college undergraduates who plan to major in engineering and technology fields from an accredited four-year college or a university based in either of the two countries. Winners will also be judged on their financial need, interest in the automotive industry, academic achievements, work experience, and participation and leadership in community school activities. 100 renewable scholarships worth USD 25,000 per year, are available for four years to first-time freshmen and an additional year for those entering a five-year engineering degree.

Doodle 4 Google Contest
Deadline to apply: February 4, 2014*

For art enthusiasts who want to design Google’s next Doodle, Google and its infinite users are waiting to see their creations on their homepage. The winner of this contest stands to win a USD 30,000 college scholarship and a USD 50,000 technology grant for their school for setting up a computer lab or technology program. The 4 national finalists will also get a USD 5,000 educational grant for any school they select. 50 state winners will also win a T-shirt with their doodles on it. Also, the doodles of the winner, national finalists, and state winners will be exhibited at the American Museum of Natural History. All of them will also win a trip to New York City for the final awards ceremony. Apart from this, 250 state finalists will get a certificate, and their doodle will be displayed on the Doodle 4 Google website. The winner would be decided on artistic skills, the theme represented, and its supporting statement. Apart from having an impressive judging panel to choose the winner, public voting will also be involved.

*For more details visit Doodle 4 Google page on February 4, 2014

GotScholarship $40K Give Away
Deadline to apply: March 31, 2014

GotChosen is a digital media start-up currently headquartered in Orlando, Florida. From 2012, they started the GotScholarship $40K Give Away through which a lucky student can win a USD 40,000 college scholarship. The amount won can only be used for educational purposes. To win, students who are 18 or older should submit a random drawing at the company’s website, and registrations are open to citizens of the United States, international students, and alumni. However, residents of New York are not eligible to participate. They also offer a USD 1,000 academic scholarship every month based on the submission of a random drawing.


Other Scholarships to Consider


Scholarship Final Submission Date
Moody’s Mega Math Challenge February 28, 2014
David Logan Scholarship February 28, 2014
Military Family Support Trust Scholarships March 1, 2014
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation March 1, 2014
The Bailey Family Foundation College Scholarship March 15, 2014
Kohl’s Cares Scholarship Program March 14, 2014
Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year (SAMMY) March 4, 2014
DeBartolo Family Foundation Scholarship April 4, 2013-14
The American Legion Legacy Scholarship April 15, 2014
Schering-Plough Will to Win Asthma Scholarship April 30, 2014
The Nordstrom Scholarship Program January 30, 2014
B. Davis Scholarship May 26, 2014
Aspiring Pharmacy Technician Scholarship June 1, 2014
Abbott & Fenner Business Consultants Annual Scholarship June 14, 2014
BigSun Athletics Scholarship June 20, 2014
Duck Brand Duct Tape – Stuck At Prom Scholarship May 23, 2014
Target Scholarships – Target Stores (CSFA) All-Around Scholarship Program November 1, 2014
The Voice of Democracy Scholarship Program November 1, 2014
American Legion National High School Oratorical Contest Varies
Richard and Mercedes Durham Endowed Scholarship Varies
AFSA (American Foreign Service Association) High School Essay Contest March 15, 2014

Today, only high school education is not enough to ensure a good living, and not everyone can afford tuition fees that college education demands. Although one might argue whether college is essential for a good future, one cannot deny the fact that college education does provide a bright start to an individual in his/her chosen field or career.

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