Exciting Jobs that Pay Well

A high paying job doesn’t always require long hours of work and stress. There is a new breed of jobs in the market which were in existence since long but have recently caught the eye of the crowd. After this destructive economic downturn which left many jobless and homeless, people are getting more and more cautious about which jobs to choose in the near future. The following jobs just don’t guarantee employment, they guarantee security and a long career.

Exciting High Paying Jobs

Most of us often dream of jobs which offers less work and give maximum pay. The thought seems highly unrealistic because even the most talented ones have to work to earn money. However, if we secure a job which has a high level of thrill in it, then even the hardest task would seem like an interesting game. So hold your horses, and check out some high paying jobs.

Airline Pilots
Lots of men and women set their sights at the sky, so why not take up a job which takes you towards the sky itself. Many people think of becoming airline pilots but somewhere down the line they give up on it for something closer to home. Being a pilot is tough but it also has its rewards. A pilot is offered various benefits which come with flying a plane. His/her family also enjoys travel perks such as discounted tickets for various trips and being a pilot also means excellent growth opportunities and an excellent salary range which starts from $100,000.

If you are someone who has idolized James Bond and Sherlock Holmes and want to do something good for the society, then being a detective is not a bad option. An exciting career opportunity, usually this field is filled with people who have worked for the police force or the government and are quite familiar with the law. No doubt the excitement level is too high but dangers are hidden everywhere. Detectives on a regular basis have to deal with criminals, drug lords and others who take the law in their hands. This sounds like a tough career but sure is exciting and rewarding. Detectives usually work under contractual basis and earn almost $60,000 every year.

Private Security Officer
The term ‘Private Security’ doesn’t always mean a rental cop who is hired to accompany important individuals to their social meetings. In certain war torn nations, they are specifically hired to protect diplomats, politicians and important businessmen from hostile attacks. These human shields live life dangerously and even earn a decent living for being so brave and protecting important and innocent people. They usually charge according to the assignments handed to them and earn anywhere between $45,000 to $80,000.

Life for a stuntman isn’t exactly glamorous but sure is exciting. The thrill of performing dangerous stunts, and to be a part of some of the most decorated action sequences of major pictures is something not everyone can handle. Yes, the days are long and there is always a danger to life, but a stuntman does get to brush his shoulders with the biggies of Hollywood on a regular basis. Salary is determined by several factors. As a beginner the earnings can be almost $2000 to $3000 per week, but as the stuntman gains experience and develops a reputation, a decent paycheck of almost $60,000 to $70,000 can be gained annually.

Fortune Teller
Not everyone can become a fortune teller. According to a social survey, three out of every five people believe in fortune telling. Reading astrology charts, helping people solve zodiac problems and predicting someone’s future cannot be a lucky guess every time. It is well-known that most fortune-tellers are frauds, so you need to study astrology from genuine fortune tellers. And the most important thing – you need excellent people skills. Fortune tellers charge around $100 to $800 for every consultation.

Exciting Jobs with Decent Salaries

Every career has some kind of excitement related to it. However, this excitement can only be experienced by people who actually love what they are doing and want to grow in that field. Here are more examples of exciting jobs.

  • Architect ($40,000 to $75,000)
  • Bartender ($25,000 to $40,000)
  • Soldier ($35,000 to $65,000)
  • Fashion Designer ($45,000 to $85,000)
  • Freelance Writer ($45,000 to $55,000)
  • Doctors ($80,000 to $100,000)
  • Fashion Photographer ($45,000 to $75,000)
  • Veterinarian ($69,000 to $78,000)

Most of the jobs mentioned in this article are different because they do not deal with standard work hours and confinement to one location. They are filled with difficult challenges which makes them interesting and are filled with excellent career prospects which guarantee a secure future.

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