8 Intriguingly Crazy Things Students Do Before Exams

Make a Timetable
The first and foremost thing most students do is make a timetable. They decide what to study when, and waste most of the day making that timetable, which probably they don’t even follow eventually.
A boy studying and lots of books piled in front of him
Collect Study Material
Some students over estimate themselves and start collecting all the books and study material available on this planet to prepare for their exams, only ending up confused and panicked. They fail to understand that they aren’t superheroes who can mug up everything in just one day.
A boy lost in his thoughts
Stare at the Wall
Suddenly, everything else becomes interesting a day before the exams, even staring at the wall. Now, you may argue that they might be thinking something. Absolutely not. Their minds are usually blank without any thoughts in it.
A girl lying and talking on the phone
Contact Friends
Students try to get in touch with friends whom they do not even talk very often, asking how much of the portion they are done with. Sometimes, this acts as a boost, if they are ahead of their friends. But God forbid, if they hear that their friend is revising the syllabus, then, BOOM! Panic starts, followed by regret.
Girl lying on the couch watching TV
Watch Television
Students start taking breaks in between their studies. Mind you, those breaks are mostly after 15 minutes of studying. And then, once the break starts, it only ends after they have watched two-three TV series. Suddenly, realization dawns, and they get back to their studies, only to come out again after 15 minutes.
Girl eating chocolate
Eating or overeating, as you may like it. Suddenly, even the diet-conscious lot start eating like big time hogs. Lots of stress eating and then sleep, something which many students do before their exams.
Children praying to God
Now that they realize that they have wasted their whole day doing nothing, they turn to God, their last resort. Making all kinds of prayers and negotiating all that can be traded with Him to help them pass the exams.
Girl sitting in a classroom regretting
Now they ponder upon how they could have studied earlier and avoided all the exam panic they are going through. How they should have focused on studying rather than hanging out with friends. And then they decide, from the next semester, they will definitely start studying beforehand, which obviously doesn’t happen either.
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